Continental celebrates 10 year partnership with Moët et Chandon

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In 2010, Continental Industrial Tyres is celebrating 10 years of partnering the world’s leading champagne producer, Moët et Chandon.

Moët et Chandon produces around 36 million bottles of champagne a year, with approximately 100 million bottles being stored in the manufacturer’s cellars, up to 35 metres below the ground.

To traverse the cellar’s corridors, measuring 28 kilometres in total length, Moët et Chandon uses around 90 forklifts – all currently fitted with Continental SC20 tyres.

One of the main reasons Moët et Chandon chose the SC20 tyres from Continental is because they do not contain any materials that generate nitrosamines, so there is no risk of tyre wear particles contaminating the fine wine.

For Moët et Chandon, the mileage performance and traction offered by the Continental tyres together with their suspension characteristics, key to ensuring the corks do not pop prematurely, were also key factors in their decision.

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