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About Eco Friendly Tyres

JAXQuickfit offer a range of eco friendly tyres from leading manufacturers.

What are Eco friendly tyres?

Motorists often don't relate the term 'going green' with the tyres on their vehicles, but ongoing research and technological advancement now allows Australian motorists to choose more eco-friendly tyre options. Innovations in tyre technology by leading manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli have all produced specific tyres offering lower rolling resistance that help reduce fuel consumption, which in turn reduce polluting CO2 emissions.

What is rolling resistance?

Rolling resistance is defined as a measurement of how easily (or not) a tyre rolls down the road. Every time the vehicle changes direction, the tyre tread deforms as it comes into contact with the road. This distortion in the tyre tread and sidewalls creates friction and heat and as a result energy is lost in the form of heat and sound. This energy loss is the source of 90% of a tyre's rolling resistance. The higher the rolling resistance of a tyre, the greater the power requirements, to propel a vehicle in motion, which in turn leads to larger levels of fuel consumption.

How is rolling resistance reduced?

For tyre designers it is always a careful balancing act between producing good traction and grip in wet conditions, and achieving low levels of rolling resistance, as there is a compromise in achieving these two important areas of tyre performance. In the past, it has been possible to produce low rolling resistance tyres on one hand but with a reduction in wet grip performance on the other. The latest developments in rubber compound and tyre design now allow designers the possibility to develop tyres with low rolling resistance, whilst ensuring no deterioration of tyre performance handling in the wet.

Global tyre manufacturers all have recently introduced fuel saving tyre options as follows:

  • Bridgestone Ecopia
  • Goodyear Fuel Max
  • Michelin Green X, Energy XM1 and XM2
  • Pirelli Cinturato

Are eco friendly tyres right for my vehicle?

Eco-friendly tyres are now being fitted as original equipment by leading car manufacturers to the energy efficient electric and hybrid models. These same tyres are also available in the replacement market and make an excellent investment for the motorist determined to reduce fuel consumption. Consult your closest JAXQuickfit store for further details on sizing and fitting.


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